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LIFE AS AN EMPATH: Working with Stones

Are you an Empath? Suggested stones to carry.

As stated in the previous article that if you are an empath it is very important to keep oneself centered, shielded and grounded. If one does not master this especially working as a healer, one can become ill or dis-ease. For best results it is good to have the following stones in your stone collection treasure box:

Sugilite (pronounced as “soo-gee-lite”): A good strong protective stone to have when one feels alienated, lonely or withdrawn from others. As ones beacon light shines, negativity will be attracted towards ones light, so this stone is a powerful stone in pushing the negative feelings away. Note: It is best to acknowledge that working with this stone will not only push away the empathic negativity feelings that is floating over one’s head but it will also bring personal matters at hand; for example, if currently having love relationship issues, then working with Sugilite will bring up the matter giving you guidance to correct the issue. What will also surface is guidance for one to live life the way it was intended to before they’ve entered in this life so this will open the third eye. So yes, this stone is associated with the crown chakra so universal love will also be at work, as so will the third eye begin open.

Blue Kyanite: This is a good stone to have when one feels “Blue”, grief stricken, or battling with a feeling of overwhelmed sorrow. Blue Kyanite is known to obliterate the negativity! So what is the flip side of having this stone? It will force one to work on their throat chakra, so having suppressed feelings that you may be currently dealing with will present itself too. It will guide you to either speak out or find a solution for the situation. This stone not only associated with the throat chakra but it is also associated with the third eye. All Kyanite stones are great stones to work with in aligning “all” chakras.

Rose Quartz: This stone helps in protecting the heart chakra. Whenever one feels their emotions are being challenged and don’t understand where it’s coming from it is good to work with Rose Quartz. This stone is great in calming the energy bringing ones frequency back to balance. Rose Quartz will also present one to work on any issues of their personal heart. Example: Any situations where one has been deeply wounded may find the issue re-surface itself so just ask for guidance and/or solution.

Yellow Jasper: This stone is good to have when one is feeling out of sorts or drained. Yellow Jasper replenishes ones energy. This stone is associated with the solar plexus so if having any issues with self-confidence or stepping out of comfort zones then you will be challenged as it will also present itself making you aware that you need to work in building those areas.

So yes, working with stone is great when using it for protection so should we be afraid of the flip side for each stone? No. When situations arise and you choose a stone look for one that will best meet your need for protecting your empathic gift. It is best to see both side of each stone for how you choose to protect yourself from these empathic psychic attacks can also open up other issues that you have subconsciously suppressed. So, instead of avoiding those issues try embracing it for this is part of becoming balanced… it is part of becoming a stronger you.

Namaste )o(

Inger Purifory

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