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LIFE AS AN EMPATH: Personal Boundaries

We all hear the word “personal boundaries” meaning “personal energetic boundaries”. Setting boundaries as an Empath is more than just personal. What do I mean? Its more than just testing ones emotion. Personal boundaries are set for our physical, emotional, relationship and spiritual realms.

I just read a book called, “Your Energetic Boundaries” by Cyndi Dale. I will say, if you are one who is a walking sponge that needs a hazmat suit when entering, for example, Wally’s World (a.k.a. Wal-Mart) you should definitely read this book. She shares her experiences in life on how she too would pick up others moods, ailments and etc from other people. Then she teaches you what causes it and how to fix it!

For those who don’t know much about transfers of energy I know you are asking, “Can one really pick up someones moods or ailments?” My personal experience, “Yes!”. Especially if you are a bodyworker like me. If you don’t know how to shield and/or energetically cleanse yourself then you will run a higher risk of carrying other people’s issues, karma, baggages and the list goes on. “So what does one need to know to avoid this? Does one just need to shield themselves?”. Yes, that is one step and if you already shield yourself, that is awesome! But as stated that is just step one because sometimes it can go undetected and become dormant just like a computer virus where its sits there waiting for the perfect trigger word or moment to set itself off and there it is creating havoc! Then you’re texting to the world on your cell phone “OMG!!! WTH?!!!” Making yourself more susipticle to other negative energies to cling onto you.

How can we prevent this? We can start with what I call, “energetic hygiene”. Choose a time of day that is good for you and just journal and assess yourself. If you notice that there is a mood, feeling or aches that you know is not normal to you then ask yourself: Where is this coming from? Was I with someone who had these feelings or aches and pain?

When you find the source then say to yourself, I get it, this is not mine and LET IT GO! If you need to sing the dag’ on Disney song to make that happen… go for it! You can choose to Shake It Off with Taylor Swift. You get my point let it go and bring in positive vibrational energies. This should help you to release it.

But how do we set personal boundaries to avoid them from attaching you? It all starts with YOU! You are the one who sets your boundaries. You are the one who is in control of your surrounding by avoiding those who manipulate you, not allowing those others to dump their sad stories to make you feel bad, avoid those who love to make you feel guilty and the list goes on but it comes back to you. ONLY YOU can say no more and shift to a better energy by clearing your energy fields and you will see your attitude, mood, relationships and health become much better.

Need to find someone to help you clear your Personal Energy field? If you like me to assist you, contact me via email at ipurifory@epbfi.com or click here to schedule an appointment.

Namaste. )O( ~Inger

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