Stones size: 10mm

Reiki Charged


Lava Stone: Lava Stones are natural stones created from erupted magma (volcanic lava) that when exposed to the surface of the earth the magma cools then forms into porous stones. Since Lava stones are porous you can apply pure essential oils of your choice and use this beautiful bracelet as a natural diffuser.


Lava Stones – represents Root Chakra. Best used to calm emotions, increase strength and confidence especially during times of transformation.


Howlite Blue – represents Throat Chakra. Best used to Self-Heal, Protection and Communication.


Directions: apply just one drop or two of pure essential oil onto the Lava beads and the scent can last for a day or two. These stones are strung with durable stretch cord. Best used with pure Essential Oils.


Recommended Essential Oils:

Root: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine, and Rose.

Reiki Charged AromaBracelets - Lava and Howlite Blue

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