Soul Coach Studio - 8am & 8pm EST

Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium/angel worker and Certified Holistic Life Coach and calls the type of coaching she practices "Soul Coaching". Specializing in both Intuitive Law of Attraction Coaching and Intuitive Angelic Guidance Coaching, Michele works with people who know there is more to life than the rat race but aren’t sure how to get off the hamster wheel. They want to get back to their soul’s desires, passion, and purpose and she helps them find and follow their joy, passion, and soul path through a guided practice of Law of Attraction and Guidance from the Angels.


Michele’s most recent adventures involve authoring the book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life; A practical guide to the Law of Attraction, available on Amazon, and launching her Manifest Your Dream Life Group Coaching Program , 1-on-1 customized Law of Attraction Coaching, and private Clarity of Purpose Sessions.


She also loves working with people to provide insight through being the conduit to spirit and offers Angel Insight Readings. These one-on-one sessions are a blend of traditional intuitive life coaching, intuitive mediumship and an angel card reading.  The goal of these sessions is to give clarity, guidance and to leave the client feeling more empowered.


If you would like to work with Michele one-on-one for a reading, a Clarity of Purpose session please use the links above to make your appointment. If you would like more information regarding her Group Coaching Program or private one-on-one intuitive law of attraction coaching, please email her here ( to ask any questions.


Just a note - if you email reading questions - they will not be answered.  All readings and coaching sessions are by appointment only.

UnZipping Reality - 9am & 9pm EST

Leah LaChapelle is a trans-dimensional awakening coach, speaker,  and the author of  UNZipping Reality-11 Steps to Create the World We Want; and fictional teaching novel Soul Shade – REVEALING the New Human Archetype.  Having read Handbook for the New Paradigm in 2003, her interest has consistently been to ground the energies of the next paradigm on Earth by forming, and empowering others to form, assemblage points for a Self-governed planetary community, that is based on freedom.  Leah lives in Austin, Texas with her prime, Wayne (Wa) LaChapelle.  She has four grown children and four grandchildren (so far).  Her signature phrases are:  “Us luv Us” and “Trust, Know, Be, and Do the Process!”

Vibration Station - 11am & 11pm EST

Shira is an International speaker and teacher, passionate and dedicated to helping others to reclaim their personal power and ability to heal. She is a Vibrational Therapist and Teacher, and an Integrity Coach with history of twenty-five years of Nursing. She combines her training of Holistic Alternative Therapies, Music, Nursing, and Esoteric Teaching in a unique and powerful program of frequency to bring the body back into harmonic resonance.

George is a world traveler of over 35 years, mainly as a Master Mariner and Ship's Pilot. He brings a varied and profound experiential life-base to bear, rooted in the worlds of the Maritime Industry, Insurance, Renewable Energy and Entertainment. He is also deeply immersed in self-expansion and awareness. One of his deep desire is to support humanity in (re)-discovering itself.

Progress 4 Tomorrow 10am & 10pm, 4am & 4pm EST

This unique program is dedicated to bringing you a progressive message, and an insightful look into the events shaping our world in the days, weeks, and months to come. During this show well give you a contrasting yet consensus view using statistical data, and historical trends with host Gary Purifory.

Daily Meditations with Kristie McKinley 1:15am & 2:15pm EST

Kristie McKinley is a Reiki Master Teacher, self-care coach, speaker, advocate for affordable and accessible mental health care, and author. She inspires, uplifts and motivates Healers to do what they love with more energy, patience and time. She works with overgivers who don’t make themselves first. Kristie incorporates Reiki in each session as it relates to the seven major chakras and its aspects to self care. Kristie has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with an Anthropology minor, an MBA with a Finance and Accounting concentration, and a coaching certification from the International College of Wellness Coaches. Find out more about her at

Time To OM Hour 6am & 6pm EST

An hour of Chants and Music for your personal hour of meditation. ~Namaste

Time To OM Hour respects all artists time an effort in creating their beautiful songs, music and meditations. These episodes can be listened to on our web-station or on MTR On-Demand. Metaphysical Talk Radio does not grant permission to download any of these episodes.

Triple Goddess Moon Hour 12am &12pm, 3am & 3pm EST

An Hour Mix of Folk Music, Eclectic Music and Chants.

Triple Goddess Moon Hour respects all artists time an effort in creating their beautiful songs, music and chants. These episodes can be listened to on our web-station or on MTR On-Demand. Metaphysical Talk Radio does not grant permission to download any of these episodes.

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